I was not disappointed when 2012 failed to be the end of the world as we know it.

The discussion put me in a frame of mind that seemed ripe for the age, allowing me to analyze my vulnerabilities to the influences of the outside world.

The basics, or for academics sake the  Maslovian Hierarchy of needs become imperiled by earthquakes, tsunamis, zombie uprising, war, encroachment by those looking for another fix of meth or whatever.

Shelter, food, family, etc.   We need to care for these matters and preserve them through crisis, even if it may be an invented crisis. We also know that when people’s lives are disrupted or overcome by elements, they will do their best to cope – even at your expense.

There are parts of the world, and in the United States where clean drinking water is worth its weight in gold.

Did you know that many municipal water suppliers (to your home) add chemicals to the drinking water?  Why people need contaminants like fluoride in drinking water has yet to be explained by the medical field, and fluoride has known reactions within living organisms that mimic conditions such as Alzheimer’s. 

If this isn’t off putting enough, just ask yourself: “Do I know what is in my water?”   .  The answer is NO, unless you have performed a particulate test on your own. 

Water filtration is the best way to ensure your supply of drinking water is sustainable and under your control.  

Water filtration becomes one of the most critical issues during earthquakes when water supply lines can become contaminated, and you should know that these events are not tidied up overnight.

We run scenarios through our heads, and perhaps comfort ourselves that the Federal Emergency Management Agency will be there to help everyone get back on their feet in the event that an asteroid should impact a populated area causing a nuclear winter.

Wrong.  FEMA has a primary mission which is to ensure the continuity of power for the government, not save you and your dog from an earthquake fueled looting session.   You had better take care of your own first, just like you would put on your seatbelt – just in case.

So what are the threats?

Many.  They are dependent on where you live, work, and where you want to be.  

It seems like in impossible task to bring ourselves into a well-planned position that we should feel comfortable with.

I like the analogy of surviving a thermal nuclear event that is cause by some hostile actor or nation.

For those who survive the blast, you only need to worry about the residual radiation.  Eventually, the nuclear event will have killed off the last of its victims one way or another.

But who is going to clean this mess up?   What if our nation is crippled to the scope of 1780?  Most people would find themselves starving, sick, murdered, enslaved, etc.    The imagination can take us places like a quantum computing simulation.

We can protect ourselves from much of this by maintaining a certain stash of food and medicine and basics to keep us going.