For most of us, World Expositions come and go without incident. 


In 1997 Kazakhstan put Astania on the map, which 10 years later is the location of Expo 2017.


What else is does Astania have to offer the world?   Allot: Education, technology, energy, and banking.

Nazarbayev University:

All undergraduate students attend free of charge, and students in good standing receive a stipend.   There is a school of science and technology, school of engineering, school of humanities and social sciences.   Masters and Doctorate programs in Engineering, Public Policy, History, World Languages and Literature, Anthropology, and short term programs in Executive Education, Professional Development.


Many students are on track for trades and sciences related to the exploration, refinement, and use of Uranium.  

One interesting fact about Astania’s University is that it is an autonomous research university.

In October 2016 Russian and Kazakh leadership signed an agreement that is based on uranium enrichment.

We shall take a step back and respond to the voice inside all of us.  Why Uranium, aren’t we trying to go green?  Isn’t enriched uranium bad for the environment?   What about the proliferation of nuclear weapons?

These voices are legitimate, and should be addressed so let us begin.

First, we must recognize that there is more than one use for uranium.  Depending on the enrichment process, there are many isotopes that can be transmuted from garden variety uranium.  

Super conducting materials have been created from expended uranium fuel rods.  While this represents a life cycle for otherwise wasted uranium fuel rods, it also represents a second market for these materials that will sustain a primary market that has yet been realized.

Quantum computers need super conducting components to be able to achieve there processing workloads.   Why do we need quantum computers, aren’t they just for researchers and Hollywood?

No.  Quantum computers are the preferred hardware platforms for Artificial Intelligence systems.  Because of the heavy demand on computational and quantitative analytics, basic off the shelf computers cannot keep up, not even node based AI platforms using cloud computing.

Right now, a basic quantum computing server will cost about $170,000. US and require a second mortgage to keep powered up and working on solving the problems of our global dystopia.

A second life on the half-life of uranium opens all sorts of doors for us.  We have talked about the AI driver of the uranium economy, but here is another symbiotic relationship: mining, and specifically mining for crypto currency like Bitcoin or Etherium.      When the blockchain of these currencies first rolled out, the required computing demand to mine just one coin could have been achieved on a simple Dell desktop PC.    Now, the computing power required to mine just .000001 Bitcoin would likely be cost prohibitive because of the electrical power consumed in the process.

The culture of acceptance that has grown around crypto currency, albeit with its success driven by criminal activity has placed this currency on the map.  It is attractive because, just like Astania – crypto currency is autonomous.   It is everything that a self-respecting American wants to be, and any free thinking citizen of the world for that matter.

Could an artificial intelligent system that has the full support of raw materials such as uranium, solve all the possible blockchain out there, becoming its own autonomous bank?  

The fact that deep thinking AI systems are not well understood by average people places an answer to this question into the domain of science fiction for most.  But it is a question of science fact.